January 24, 2022


9/10/2020: Made this pod as part of my daily run podcast listen. Been a great change of pace from other pods as well. Love hearing the stories and insights from the guests…keep up the great work! Cheers – J. Chuch

9/10/2020: First time poders but you can’t tell. Very organic conversation and good in depth knowledge. Give it a go if you really love Liverpool FC or footy in general. – HLove1971

9/13/2020: If you’re looking for a more intimate podcast with an unusually wide variety of guests compared to other pods, then this is for you. I’m always surprised at the people they get on. Highly recommend! – M. Teague

9/18/2020: Five stars podcast! This is a great podcast for any LFC supporter who loves to hear stories about their beloved club as well as about the city and culture. The wide-ranging guests that they have on can only be commended from ex-footy players such as Howard Gayle, or journalists like James Pearce, to LFC authors like Jeff Goulding. It also helps to have two affable hosts in Darren and Steve. Great job to everyone involved! – J. Wong