January 24, 2022

Simon Hughes

Simon is an author, LFC Journalist, and staff writer for the Athletic UK.

He has written seven books about Liverpool FC as well as ‘There She Goes’, a book about the city of Liverpool. 

Follow Simon on Twitter: @Simon_Hughes__

Book List

‘Red Machine: Liverpool FC in the ’80s: The Players’ Stories Paperback’ (11/1/2014)

‘There She Goes: Liverpool, a City on Its Own. The Long Decade: 1979-1993’ (2019)

‘Ring of Fire: Liverpool FC Into the 21st Century: The Players’ Stories Paperback’ (5/1/2018)

‘Men in White Suits: Liverpool FC in the 1990s – The Players’ Stories’ (3/10/2016)

‘Allez Allez Allez: The Inside Story of the Resurgence of Liverpool FC’ (Release 11/1/2020 Pre-Order Now)

‘Secret Diary of a Liverpool Scout’ (Released 5/1/2011)