Simon Hughes

Simon is an author, LFC Journalist, and staff writer for the Athletic UK.

He has written seven books about Liverpool FC as well as ‘There She Goes’, a book about the city of Liverpool. 

Follow Simon on Twitter: @Simon_Hughes__

Book List

‘Red Machine: Liverpool FC in the ’80s: The Players’ Stories Paperback’ (11/1/2014)

‘There She Goes: Liverpool, a City on Its Own. The Long Decade: 1979-1993’ (2019)

‘Ring of Fire: Liverpool FC Into the 21st Century: The Players’ Stories Paperback’ (5/1/2018)

‘Men in White Suits: Liverpool FC in the 1990s – The Players’ Stories’ (3/10/2016)

‘Allez Allez Allez: The Inside Story of the Resurgence of Liverpool FC’ (Release 11/1/2020 Pre-Order Now)

‘Secret Diary of a Liverpool Scout’ (Released 5/1/2011)